Customer support

It is our goal to provide you with all your "goods for kindness" as well as a great online experience. By doing so, we hope to further our mission of infusing kindness into the community and beyond. We couldn't do any this without your participation and financial support.

If you have any questions, comments, or criticism, please let us know by completing the form on this page. We take your feedback seriously and will respond as soon as possible.

1 Ben's Bells handmade merchandise
1.1 Where are your handmade pieces created?

All of the Ben's Bells handmade merchandise we sell online is created at one of our four studio locations. Our team of volunteers assist in crafting every piece you see, helping foster community connection and inspiring intentional kindness.

1.2 Why can't I find the original Ben's Bell in your store?

The Ben's Bells we hang in the community can never be purchased. They must be found or gifted. This is why we offer such a wide selection of other handmade items, including our Mini Bell which is a smaller version of the large Ben's Bell.

You never know where you will find a Ben's Bell, so keep on looking.

1.3 Why don't I see some ornaments in the shop?

We have a collection of seasonal ornaments, meaning they are only sold at certain times of the year.

Pink merchandise and heart tokens: January-February
Butterfly ornaments: March-May
Hummingbird ornaments: June-August
Skull ornaments: September-October
Dove ornaments: November-December

1.4 How long will it take to complete my custom (personalized) ornament?

Custom ornaments usually take one to two weeks to complete from the order date. We ship USPS Priority Mail, so you should receive your ornament within three weeks at the most.

1.5 The cord on my ornament finally gave out. Can I have the piece restrung?

We are happy to restring any ornament, or bell, that has come apart due to normal wear and tear. If you are near one of our four studio locations, you can stop by anytime during regular business hours. If you are outside our studio areas, you will need to pay for shipping to and from our downtown Tucson location to have the item repaired.

1.6 Why do my ornaments look slightly different from each other?

All our ceramic pieces are individually handmade, so no two will ever be exactly alike. From rolling the clay to final assembly, up to 10 different people will have participated in the making of the piece you are holding in your hands right now. Every variance, or quirk, makes each piece unique and individual just like the people that helped create it.

2 Order shipping and/or pickup
2.1 How much does shipping cost?

We currently charge a flat shipping rate of $7.79. If an order is exceptionally large and bulky, we may contact you to help cover the additional shipping charges.

2.2 When will my order be shipped?

Most orders are shipped within four business days of receipt. Custom orders can take up to 14 days to ship out. If you need an order to be expedited, please contact us for assistance.

2.3 What carrier do you use to ship orders?

We ship our orders via USPS Priority Mail. You package should arrive within three business days of shipment. You can check your order status by logging into your account on the shop website.

2.4 Where do I pickup my order?

If you have chosen "In-Store Pickup" as your shipping option, you order will be held at our Shop KIND location at 40 W Broadway Blvd. in downtown Tucson. You will receive email confirmation once your order is ready for pickup. Shop hours are Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm.

If you have chosen In-Store Pickup and decide you would rather have your order shipped, please contact us to arrange shipping.

3 Bulk and wholesale pricing
3.1 Do you offer a bulk discount?

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information and help with placing your order.

3.2 Do you offer wholesale pricing if I want to carry your mechandise in my store?

We do offer wholesale pricing through our Retail Partner program. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

4 Sales tax and charitable tax deductions
4.1 Why aren't I being charged sales tax on my purchase?

Being an Arizona-based nonprofit, we are not required to charge sales tax on merchandise sold through our Arizona locations. All online orders are fulfilled and shipped from our Tucson, AZ headquarters.

4.2 Is my purchase tax deductible?

You are receiving goods for your money, so the purchase price is not considered a charitable contribution. Do know that every purchase you make goes directly to fund our mission of spreading intentional kindness.